Black Tie Mousse Cake 

I hardly ever bake "gourmet," because of the time involved and the practicality of spending hours making something that will subsequently get devoured. But, my daughter asked for a Black Tie Mousse Cake (like Olive Garden's) for her birthday, and how could I say no? We'll do almost anything for our kids. I was a little apprehensive, because it's a four-layer cake with ganache and even piping - a chocolate cake layer, chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, the chocolate ganache, chocolate chips on the outside, white chocolate drizzle, and ganache piping, and I don't make recipes this complicated very often! I followed the directions carefully - and was very pleased with how it turned out! 

Listen: Kicked

Here is the recipe I used:


And here are pictures from my process:

The first 3 layers

Starting to spread the chocolate ganache

Full top spread of the ganache

Chocolate chips on the outside

White chocolate drizzle

Finally, the ganache piping!

Today's music selection is my song Kicked, which is about perseverance, haha. 

The cake was a hit! Everyone, kids and adults, loved it, and only two small pieces were left. 

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