Young Audiences

One of the most wonderful things to come my way this year is Young Audiences of Virginia. They both teach and inspire through workshops that underline SOL standards with different forms of art; so far, I have taught through theater, writing, history and theater, and words in motion. I swear I fall in love with the kids every time; they are beautiful and a joy to teach. Don't get me wrong, I do have my difficult, rambunctious groups! But the good makes the challenge worth it. And I surprisingly enjoy it much more than I did teaching private lessons. So for now, I am getting some steady, part-time work through them. 

And that's not all: they also engage students in live performances featuring a wide variety of subjects and programs. I brainstormed with the artistic director last year about what kind of program I could develop, and I mentioned Ella Fitzgerald, since being a jazz singer, she is my favorite one, and Ella was born in Newport News. This immediately interested the director, and as I researched, I found that she was born in 1917 - 100 years ago next year! So we were excited, and bookings already started coming from the Newport News school district. I have done 2 so far this winter, have some booked for this coming year, and hope to have many more to educate and pay tribute to such an amazing artist! 

I continue to do a lot of solo and ensemble jazz work. At Gershwin's I have moved to weekend nights, so I regularly play and sing to a full restaurant and bar. Doorway Singers has had a busy Christmas, and that is wonderful as always to be able to bring Christmas cheer through the simple beauty of a cappella voices. 

I will continue to be open to new opportunities; right now I am content to keep gigging as I am and keep improving my musicianship and craft as much as possible! 

Merriest of Christmases to you, and here's to a wonderful new year ahead!

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