Gig Season Approaching!

In my last post, I was in the audition process for Beach Street, Town Center, and waiting on Gershwin's to open. Well, it has all finally arrived and a BUSY gig season is approaching soon! 

Gershwin's is a 1930's-style speakeasy in downtown Norfolk that features music of Gershwin (of course!), Cole Porter, and other Tin Pan Alley songs. The owner's idea was to feature vocalists with tracks rather than hiring bands in order to keep the costs down, and occasionally have a pianist to accompany the singer. Well, it just so happens I am a jazz vocalist and heard about the place opening up, so I auditioned in early March. Then we waited and waited while all the licenses were being approved. It finally opened in mid-April, and I have had the privilege of singing there 4 times now! The owners really like my singing, so I will be there regularly on Thursday nights at least for the summer! 

When my Beach Street contract came in, I was floored. Instead of the usual one night a week to perform as a soloist, they wanted me for 2 nights! Since I already sing with Doorway Singers one night a week, this meant I would be singing 3 nights a week on Beach Street! Beach Street offers wonderful experience, but definitely requires a lot of energy since you perform until 11:00 pm and it can be hot. BUT, I am so grateful for the gigs and the opportunities to perform. 

So, put all those together and I will be gigging 3-4 nights a week. Add in a few dates at Town Center in Virginia Beach, where I'll be playing with my own live jazz trio (!!) with Woody Beckner and Chris Brydge, and a few gigs at Prime46forty in Williamsburg with Jordan Ponzi and John Calisto, and I've got myself a busy summer! But I'm so excited about these last couple I mentioned because I'm playing with professional local jazz guys; they are so good and very encouraging to me as a beginner improviser. On all these gigs I'll be mixing vocals and flute; I may throw in piano some nights at Gershwin's to keep things interesting. :)

Lastly, I'm preparing flute beatboxing for my Beach Street set! I really wanted to add it last year when I became aware of the skill (check out Greg Pattillo - amazing!), but with having a new baby it just wasn't happening last summer. But, I've been investing a lot of time in it, and have one song almost down, Ain't No Sunshine, and hope to have a few others in my pocket as the summer progresses. I plan to play one at the end of each set.

So, gigs start in full swing on June 17th! Check out my gig schedule on my home page, and I know I'll see you out there soon!

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