Jazz Festival!

My dreams are coming true: I just got booked for my first jazz festival, the Williamsburg Winter Blues Jazz Festival, on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend this coming January! I'll be playing with live quartet for one of the jazz brunches on Sunday the 17th.   Festival Site

This has been a goal and dream of mine, to start playing local festivals and local jazz spots, and eventually to move into a wider area of where I play and perform - first Williamsburg (which is happening!), then Richmond/Charlottesville/DC, and then eventually (this might be in 10 years), performing in Boston, New York City, and Philly. I happen to have family in all three of those locations, so I would have a place to stay! That is, of course, when the kids are a little older and it is not as hard on them for me to travel for a weekend.

I am also booked for the Cabin Fever series at the Freight Shed in Yorktown on March 3, 2016. On that gig I have Jae Sinnett playing drums with me! I tell you, it is a real honor to have guys of this caliber playing with me. I've played a few gigs with Terry Burrell now, and he's so solid and with amazing solos, yet so encouraging and complimentary of my performing, that I feel even more fueled to become all that I can be as a jazz artist.
Lastly, I was booked for a wedding next September!! That is the first time I have been booked for something a year out from the event, but it is exciting because the couple saw me perform at Gershwin's and wanted me as their first choice for their wedding! So I'll be playing the ceremony on piano, then rocking it out with a jazz quartet for the reception. 
I'm just so floored that I'm seeing success! There were so many years of floundering and finding my way musically, where I had 3 people show up at a coffee shop where I was playing, when I gave away more CD's than I sold. But it seems those days are over, and I'm so glad I've found my niche. Here's to many more dream jazz gigs to come!  

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