Spring and Improv

Spring is upon us, and I can feel the new growth outside, and in my own music as the seeds of jazz and the new language of improv are planted. I am into the third week of my jazz improv class; thankfully the pace has not been at breakneck speed, so although many of the concepts are new, I am able to keep up. I've already acquired a lot of tools (such as which scales to practice and how to practice them) to help me as I learn. 

Though I must admit, the world of improvisation is a bit scary for me. Having grown up primarily reading music, even thriving as a sight reader, to be given a series of chords and have to make music with it on the spot is a bit intimidating! And still a bit mysterious at this point, but that is why I am taking this class. I penned a few lines about how I feel about improv; here they are:

This big, open canvas
What shall I write?
Thrown into a sea of melody
They're all looking at me
To be

A muse
A songster of moment
A spinner of untold tales

Will I greet fear's threshold
With a smile stronger than I feel?
I will
For I know that to face it is to be brave
And I cannot shrink back into my cave of mediocrity

In other news, I recorded a vocal jazz demo for promotional purposes and for use on my website. It was great to be back in the studio with a professional mic and equipment. If it weren't so dang expensive, I'd be recording all the time.   

You can listen to my reel on my homepage, with full tracks in the bottom player. Here's a shot of me being fulfilled at the studio:

My first Beach Street show is only a month away, on May 24th! Hope to see you at some of my shows this summer - my regular night will be Wednesdays at the Oceanfront, and other show dates can be found on my homepage!!

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