From the recording Insatiable

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Stepping out on air
Thought I had enough flair
To not have a care in the world
Enveloped in shame
Can’t act through the game
And I’ve got just myself to blame

Out here in space
Can’t find my place
Hard to even give myself any grace

But I can’t chase away the longing for something great
Seems too risky/I’m too thrifty to leave it up to fate
So I’ll step out in faith
Hoping/knowing I’ll find my place
I’ll be brave and look life in the face

So many tears
Have been spilt from the guilt
But it’s not enough to tilt the scales
Can’t go back to the shack
Where always remained a lack
So I know I’m on the right track

The only fact
That remains is that
I belong to love and to a story

I’ll greet mystery like an old, old friend
Meet my story like it has a good end