New Year, New Horizons

Hi, all! It's been awhile since I've posted. Christmas season with the Doorway Singers was busy and rewarding, as always. As the new year has come, I'm focused on several things, and I'd like to share them with you! 

CD Recording: Ever since I recorded my hymn CD, I've wanted to do a follow-up of older choruses that were special to me in my childhood. I've come up with 3 choruses, a hymn, and a song my sister used to sing to me when we were kids. So, it will be an EP, but better to do the songs you feel really strongly about than recording more for the sake of making a full album. It will be acoustic with simple instrumentation, one with harp and flute, one with (Justin Kauflin on!) piano and me on vocals, one that I just finished arranging with multiple flutes, and one just vocals. The hymn will be just piano. I plan to begin recording in March, because.....

I WILL BE BUYING A A NEW FLUTE!! As we speak, two companies are preparing to ship 2 and 3 flutes, respectively, and I will get to try them out for a week before returning them at the Hampton Roads Flute Faire - but I will come home with one of them! I am beyond geeking-out-excited; I haven't had a new flute since I was 15, and it's only an upper immediate, and I'll be taking a huge step up with either a partially gold or all sterling silver professional flute. 

Speaking of the Flute Faire, Jim Walker is the featured artist: classical AND jazz, naturally, I messaged him to see if I could get a lesson while he is here, and within FIVE MINUTES, he messaged back and said yes!! Another geek-out moment! Okay, I'm calm, I'm calm. But it's going to be awesome.

New Beach Street program: Okay, so my wheels are always turning, and I wanted to get away from my solo program for the summer, since it seems to be in such high demand these days (every week at Gershwin's and just got hired for a brunch at Cobalt Grille), and just became acquainted with a guy who sang with Doorway Singers for Christmas has a dancing and theater background, and we discovered our mutual love of jazz, Jamie Cullum, and Sara Bareilles. So, I got to thinking about putting together a program, and AJ said yes, he would love to perform with me! So we've just started working, and it's going to be awesome with vocal duets, flute improv and beatboxing, and real-live swing dancing.

So there's lots of exciting stuff going on. Working to get more booked with Candela, my live jazz trio (probably with a name change), and still studying with Jae Sinnett and maybe starting lessons with a jazz sax teacher in the area. 

Please stayed tuned! Come out to a show! Enjoy the music. :) 

<3 Jennifer

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